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Seura Mirror TV

This was a very unique install with multiple challenges, which had to be overcome. The client wanted a TV in their formal living room and it needed to be classy. We chose to go with a 55-inch 4k Seura Mirror TV. Also added to the living room was a pair of KEF LS50 white speakers with blue drivers. Controlling the system is Elan g! with an iPad mini. Other parts of the system include a Lutron RadioRA2 lighting system, Ubiquiti wifi, Cisco VPN router and gigabit switch, and Integra receiver.

Living Room

Our client first had us mount her TV above the fireplace. There was then a void where the TV previously resided that needed to be filled. To fill this void we designed, fabricated and installed a custom bookcase. The electronics are housed below in the cabinet-which is ventilated.

Theater 1

This is a retrofit project in Eagleville, PA. The existing space was already finished, but lacked an entertainment area. The client opted for a 3D projector, Denon receiver, floor standing speakers and equipment rack. A separate bar area was created outside the room which has the capability to play independent of the theater or the same content. Both areas are controlled exclusively with an iPad.


Elan g! Control System

This job was a take-over from another company. We walked into this job with only some of the wires accessible. At the heart of this system is an Elan g! HC-4, which controls a Samsung 4K TV and 6 discrete zones of audio. The audio pulls content from a Mirage MMS-2 server and usb DAC. Rounding out the network is a cisco VPN Router and Apple Airport Extreme.


Elan HC4, Elan HR2, Elan M86A, Global Cache GC-100-18R, Integra DTR 20.4, Mirage MMS-2A Music Server, Cisco RV180, Apple Airport Extreme, Panasonic Bluray, SnapAv power center, Kef  KFCCi100QS speakers, Kef Ci130QS speakers

Theater 2

We worked with the client’s builder on this project in Downingtown. This is a 135-inch acoustically transparent screen, which conceals part of the 7.2 system. The system includes components from Atlantic Technology, Onkyo, Mitsubishi, Elite Screens, Chief and Samsung

Theater 3

This project was another ground-up build. The client did not want a projection system so he opted for a 70-inch Sharp screen. In addition, all speakers had to be in-wall. There is 2-tier seating, rope lighting in a tray ceiling and recessed custom cabinet and media rack. Furthermore, sound-deadening insulation from Roxul was used in addition to 5/8-inch drywall on the outside and acoustic drywall on the inside. Components used: Snap-AV 900 series speakers, Sharp TV, OmniMount 42U rack enclosure, Lane  Custom Home Theater powered seats, Panasonic, Denon, ProControl Remote, LED Lighting and custom wood work.


The challenge here was the solid brick wall where th TV is mounted. We used a very thin wall track to conceal the cabling.


The homeowner wanted the TV centered on this wall. The TV height for this installation was determined by the thermostat.


This client wanted the TV mounted above the fireplace and have the ability to move the TV in all directions. We used a mount from OmniMount, which gave us this capability. They are able to move this 65-inch TV with very little effort. All of the components were placed in a Salamander rack to protect them and keep everything organized. We consolidated all of the remotes into one smart remote for ease of use.


This particular installation was quite a challenge. There was custom faux paint applied across the interior and access holes were not an option. Thankfully we were able to remove 3 recessed lights from the finished basement ceiling to get to where we needed to with the wiring. This is a Samsung 75-inch flagship TV paired with a Marantz receiver and blu-ray player. 


This is a Sony 4K TV with a Sonos Playbar. The TV resides on a Sanus full motion mount for easy viewing adjustment. Behind the TV resides an Apple TV, Sony 4K media player, cable box and URC controller. The TV is controlled using a Universal Control CCGen 2 remote system.


This is a Samsung 4K TV surrounded by a custom stone wall. There is only a 1/4-inch gap around the TV!

World's Best Dog Catcher

This video comes courtsey of a camera system we installed for a JFab Client.
No animals were harmed in the recording of this video.

Video courtsey of Steve P.